• knight's tale OCEAN CITY - King Arthur, played by Oliver Trout, and Patsy, played by Brendan Haddon, visit with the Knights who say Ni, the tallest knight played by Matt Popp, and encounter another problem after handing over the shrubbery the knights demanded as the students perform Monty Python’s “Spamalot” Saturday, April 5 in the Hughes Performing Arts Center at Ocean City High School.  

  • OCEAN CITY — The five Republican candidates for U.S. Senate — Brian Goldberg, Rich Pezzullo, Murray Sabrin, Robert Turkavage and Jeff Bell — will each make a presentation at the Ocean City Republican Club meeting 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 15 in Lecture Room 110 at the Ocean City Public Library, 1735 Simpson Ave.

  • District says students never turned away for parents’ lack of photo ID

    OCEAN CITY — The Ocean City School District is among 138 districts statewide where enrollment requirements include photo identification, prompting the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey to threaten litigation if the policy doesn’t change.

  • Claire Lowe/ King Arthur, center, portrayed by Oliver Trout, and the Knights of the Round Table, with Brother Maynard, at left, portrayed by Parker Guariglia, and Arthur’s horse Patsy, in center, portrayed by Brendan Haddon.

    OCEAN CITY — Ocean City High School Drama Guild will present “Monty Python’s Spamalot,” a musical lovingly ripped off from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” by Eric Idle and John DuPrez, April 3-5 at the Hughes Performing Arts Center.

  • newAlstonEighteen players from area high schools will put on their basketball uniforms one last time on Saturday, March 29 to play in All Star Saturday at the Dixie Howell Memorial Gymnasium in Ocean City.

    Prime Events All Star Saturday will be held at Ocean City High School on Saturday with the best seniors from the Cape-Atlantic League facing off in the final two basketball games of four that celebrate the present and future of the CAL.

Three protected beaches, several other breaks open to surfers in OC

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Three protected beaches, several other breaks open to surfers in OC Three protected beaches, several other breaks open to surfers in OC

OCEAN CITY – Depending on where the waves are coming from, Waverly Boulevard has long been the top spot for long-board surfing in Ocean City.

Longtime Ocean City surfers say it remains a good break, depending on the tide, but it changed after a recent beach replenishment project; and a mild winter has meant there has not been extensive erosion to return it to its former shape.

One surfer said it used to be a good high-tide spot, but now seems the best on an incoming tide, while at other times it does not offer much of a ride.

It remains one of three guarded beaches dedicated to surfing. The main one is at Seventh Street where there are often surfing classes and bathers are sent a block north or south to stay out of the way of surfers.

The other guarded surf beach is at 16th Street, according to Tom Mullineaux, chief of operations at the Ocean City Beach Patrol. He says Waverly is “still OK” as a surf spot, as well.

The OCBP also allows surfing between the stands in the south end, starting at 37th Street, he said. Surfers are obliged to stay outside the red flags, and to watch out for bathers.

On summer weekends, those spots can be as crowded as the guarded areas – with a lot to keep track of between wave riding kayaks, people surf fishing and those swimmers who don’t want to take a walk down to the guarded beaches also making use of the same area.

There are also rides to be had past the southernmost lifeguard stand, in Corson’s InletState Park south of 59th Street.

Early mornings and evenings, after the guards are off duty, are less crowded, and Mullineaux said the waves are open to surfers before and after the guards get on duty. Guards started May 26, and are on duty 10 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays, and until 5:30 on weekends and holidays.

The old fishing pier at 59th Street remains a popular spot, as well as Fifth Street and Seventh Street, but the area at First Street, coming off the jetty almost right in front of the lifeguard headquarters, has seen some of the best waves throughout this spring, and has kept a good form on big days.

On a recent afternoon, the spot was crowded with wetsuited surfers lining up for wave. 

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