County airport looks to host World Aerobatic Championships in 2013

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Freeholder Will Morey spoke at the Lower Township Council meeting Monday night, presenting information of Wolrd Aerobatics Championships bid for Cape May County Airport  Freeholder Will Morey spoke at the Lower Township Council meeting Monday night, presenting information of Wolrd Aerobatics Championships bid for Cape May County Airport

LOWER TOWNSHIP – Cape May County Airport is in play as a candidate to host the World Aerobatic Championships in October 2013.

Freeholder Will Morey presented information about the multiday flying event, billed as “unlimited aerobatics” by the event organizer, at Monday night’s council meeting.

“It is an interesting concept to be here speaking with you about this event tonight,” said Morey. “A week or two ago this event was headed to Nevada. This is a world class event that draws the .”

The event, tagged as the 27th FAI Aerobatic Championships, is held every other year, with the event only making its way to the United States about once a decade. FAI is an acronym for the “Fédération Aéronautique Internationale,” the international organization which runs the event.

FAI was founded in 1905 and is a nonprofit organization – unaffiliated with any government – with the goal of furthering “aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide, ratifying world and continental records and coordinating the organization of international competitions.”

There are 100 member countries in the group, which has held the World Aerobatic Championships since 1960.

“Aerobatics”, according to the group’s website, has been performed in aircraft almost since the first flight of a powered aircraft.

“In the early years before World War I, aerobatics served as entertainment for crowds fascinated by these new aerial machines. Later, it became an essential part of a military pilot’s training and was utilized in combat. In more recent decades, it has been recognized as an important part in a pilot’s training in order to make him or her more proficient in controlling their aircraft in all flight attitudes,” according to FAI information.

Morey said that he believes the event would bring “attention and added prestige” to the Cape May County Airport.

“We’re in the running for the competition at this point. There is another site being considered in Texas but the group’s representative came here last week and was very impressed with the welcome he received and the amenities available,” said Morey.

“The decision will be made by this Friday, the 15th at the latest,” said Morey, who thanked Lower Township officials for their participation in the meet and greet with FAI organizers.

“I’m here tonight to ask for the community’s support. We have the support of the freeholders; of the Delaware River Bay Authority; of the County Chamber of Commerce; Lower Township Chamber of Commerce has indicated a measure of support. We were really pleased to be able to demonstrate that level of support at Friday’s visit,” said Morey.

“They were very impressed by the facilities at the airport, by the emergency services available, and by the area as a whole,” he said.

The competition, slated to run from Oct. 9-13, 2013, would take place at the Cape May County Airport, with all the trick flying done in a “1,000 meter cube.” None of the competition flights would take place over residential areas.

“Essentially, a box 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters is drawn, with visual markers placed on the ground. The box is 1,000 meters high and the three to four minute routines are performed within those markers,” said Morey, who noted that he received the inquiry about the site because of the successful “Acroblast” aerial events held in Wildwood.

The named site for the 2013 event had been Jean, Nevada, an airport some 25 minutes southwest of the Las Vegas strip.

Photo by Ellen Pfeifle

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